Innovation and technology for the recycling of wind turbine blades


We respond to the challenges of the wind energy industry by boosting the circular economy. Recovery of the components of wind turbine blades and their reuse in sectors such as energy, aerospace, automotive, textile, chemical or construction.


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Recycling of wind turbine blades

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Technological innovation to eliminate the environmental footprint of wind energy

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Green job creation

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Circular economy

Wind farm

Sierra de Dueña in Salamanca

Renewable energies presented in a practical way to understand how they produce electricity without producing polluting emissions, are green and sustainable, and contribute to economic recovery by transforming the energy model. Innovation at the forefront in renewables and onshore wind.

The data

Spain has:*

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+21.419 installed wind turbines generating green energy in our country

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+64.247 wind blades. Each wind turbine consists of three blades

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+1.265 wind farms throughout Spain

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A solution that can meet 21.9% of the energy demand

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Wind turbine blades have a service life of 20-25 years and can last up to 30 years

*Data from the Wind Energy Association (AEE) at the end of 2020.

Main advantages

of wind power

  • Green Energy

  • Inexhaustible

  • Economic

  • Low impact

  • Create green jobs